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NOTICE: Datastormusers will permanently close on April 15, 2022.

Welcome to This site is run by and for users of the Motosat Datastorm, and anyone else interested in mobile satellite internet service. The Datastorm is an automatic-pointing mount and dish for use with satellite internet services, primarily HughesNet (formerly Direcway), allowing access wherever you may travel in a motor vehicle.

Our discussion groups require registration (free). Many of our members have been using the Datastorm for more than 10 years. Others are experienced installers, while still others use manual tripod mounts either commercial or homebrew. Most questions you might have if you are thinking about buying/using a Datastorm or other internet dish will get a rapid response here. Use the "Discussion Forums" tab, above.
Interested in mobile satellite television? We cover that as well, with an emphasis on Motosat products, particularly HDTV for DirecTV and Dish Networks. Visit the DirecTV/Dish section in the forums for the latest info.

The Interactive Datastorm Users Location Map
One of the fun things we have here is an interactive user location map. Since many of our members are mobile, with internet access and know their GPS locations, they are able to plot their positions for us as they move around. You can read more about it here, or click the map at right to see the full map.

Datastorm Users Map
The Articles tab, above, will take you to a section containing a number of "how to" articles on issues related to mobile satellite internet. Networking and dish pointing are covered, and a number of the articles include free utilities to ease your experience. If you are new to the topic you may want to start with RV Travel and Satellite Internet. Another resource for both new and experienced visitors running into unfamiliar terminolgy is the Glossary.

The FAQs section, as well as the ISP and Motosat tabs, are substantially limited to Datastorm information. You will find more about other systems, including tripods, in the forums.

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